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    BeastCore - 2.0 RELEASE UPDATE!

    Hey everyone, after 1,5 week online we have an awesome server update for you all. BeastCore 2.0! This is a new fresh start with alot of new functions, like plugins, commands, builds and more!


    8Pm CET
    2Pm EST
    7Pm GMT
    For dutch players/time, it is 20:00 hour!
    (Release) Date open:
    12-11-2016. (tomorrow)

    Get your friends online on the release time, we will give key givealls and giveaways!
    tomorrow, we are waiting for you guys!

    We are looking new staff for our staff team, apply here: [CLICK ME]
    If you lost your rank/command, post it here: [CLICK ME]
    Join our teamspeak to talk with the community or if you have any questions,
    (teamspeak) IP:
    Our minecraft server ip: play.BeastCore.net

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