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    1. IGN: DustinGPGNL
    2. YouTube channel link:
    3. Proof that this is your channel:
    4. Current subscriber count: 254
    5. Average views on your channel: randomly
    6. Do you have Skype: I have skype
    7. What kind of videos do you make: Edits/Montages
    8. How many times will you upload a video on BeastCore per week: idk montages takes much time
    9. Why would you want to be a YouTuber on BeastCore: because im fancy editor
    10. What would you do to help BeastCore on your YouTube channel: making montages lol
    11. In 1 word how would you describe your YouTube channel: Edits
    12. Any information we should know about you as a Youtuber: that im a editor.
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    • is this you channel as well

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