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    1. Name: Nicholas
    2. Your IGN: NicholasTheCoder
    3. Age: 14
    4. Timezone: Central Standard Time
    5. Do you have a microphone: Yes, I have a Microphone
    6. Do you have skype/teamspeak: Yes, I have both!
    7. What kind of developer are you: Java Beginner
    8. Why do you want to develop for us: I want to develop for BeastCore because I think it is an amazing server and I would love to make Java plugins for them and make BeastCore amazing. I also want to develop because I think developing at BeastCore will get me more advanced and better at coding.
    9. Proof that you can develop: &
    10. Can you make hard projects on a deadline: I'm very good at getting a plugin done in time so, yes!
    Thank you for reading my application!

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