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    1. Anthony Brichacek
    2. ign: Tylergeeeee
    3. age: 13
    4: Timezone: EST Eastern standard time
    5. yes I have a working mic
    6. yes I have skype teamspeak and discord
    7. I want to be staff cause I see that there are a lot of changes and Ideas that I could bring to the server. Also I have a youtbe channel with 90 subscribers so I want to do a series on here for my channel. Yt name: Anthony Playz123 One of my ideas are that there should be some type of koths and like different kits that u can buy on the store.
    8. Cause I have a lot of time to work on the server. Also I am a very helpful, mature person and I could help bring a lot of people to play on the server. Also I'm dedicated to make this server a better community.
    9. First right now I'm in summer vacation so for right now
    Exept for when I play baseball so on some days so I might not be on from 6-8:30 pm some nights. Now for school days I will be one 4 hours a day. And on weekends most likely 7 hours a day.
    10. So right now I have been playing Minecraft for 4 years. I started when I was 9-13. So I know a lot of things about Minecraft. Also I can create different commands for different areas. I can catch hackers cause 1. I can run 60fps for recording 2. I have a yt channel for reporting players. 3. On my channel I have a lot of ban reports so if u wanan look at those I know what bhoping kill aura stuff like that. Also if u guys ss people I know how to do that with a I have been watching a lot of ss's on yt so ik what and how to find hacks on a pc.
    11. I have been only muted on cosmic pvp for spamming but that is it Also on treasure wars okay I did this when I was 10 I was stupid to hack on there but I did and got banned. I have deleted everything off my pc and u can ss me and u wont find a single thing on here. I don't even have forge or anything to run hacks. Joyfully the honesty helped.
    12. I don't know what u mean by mark but I am fluent speaking engilish. So that is not a problem talking to people. If it is 1-10 it would be a 10.
    13. Spamming: warning If they keep doing it Mute for 30 minutes. If they are hacking ban them for a day or whatever the ban time is. Saying inappropriate stuff mute for 1 hour.
    Thanks for the opportunity- Anthony

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